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TAROT: Myth & Magic

TAROT: Myth & Magic


Q: Can i buy my own tarot cards? I've heard that you shouldn't.

A: Yes, you can buy your own tarot cards. Just cleanse them when you get them (Find out how to here) handle them a lot in the beginning to ensure you form a strong connection with your deck!

Q: How do I cleanse my tarot deck and how often should i do it?

A: There are many ways to cleanse your tarot deck! You can clean your cards in the method that best suits your situation!

  • Moon Cleanse - Leave them out under the moon light, in a windowsill or somewhere protected from the elements.

  • Smoke Cleanse - Wave your deck through incense smoke, a safe distance above the embers!

  • Sound Cleanse - Play music or an instrument while focusing your intention on cleansing your deck, renewing and restoring the energy completely.

  • Sun Cleanse - *Do this for a short period of time only, cards may become sun bleached* Lay deck out and let it absorb the energy from the sun. The sun is a natural healer!

  • Salt Cleanse - Lay your deck on a bed of salt overnight. Lay a piece of parchment paper or a napkin between salt and cards for extra protection.

  • Energetic Cleanse - This one is simple yet very powerful. First, clean your hands and make sure they're completely dry. Take your tarot deck and hold it with both hands. Close your eyes and focus all of your energy and intention into your deck. Imagine your energy flowing through your deck, removing all unwanted and stagnant energy, replacing it with the energy you want your deck to reflect.

It is important to replace the energy of your tarot deck after cleansing. Be sure to handle your cards a lot, shuffle them, practice layouts, draws, and readings. The more in tune you become with your deck, the easier you will find receiving messages and interpretations!

Q: Is there a 'Beginner' tarot? Where should I start?

A: Its kind of like driving; you *could* merge straight onto the highway where everyone is going 80+, swerving around you, and honking and you*may* adjust and figure it out just fine*-or* you could take drivers ed, practice in an empty parking lot, and drive around the neighborhood a few times first! You *can* start anywhere and you'll probably be fine, but there is definitely an easy way! Start with a classic deck like the Rider- Waite, where the meaning is well understood across the board, and there are books covering the material from several different angles, until you find the way you best understand! Then, once you get an intro to the cards, their general meanings, a few basic layouts, the idea of shuffling, etc., you can move on to more specialized custom decks. Keep in mind that decks can have different meanings and you should always check the guidebook that comes along with each deck! Below is an example of the standard Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Q: Whats the best storage method for my cards?

A: Depending on how often you use your cards you may want to keep them close by and easily accessible! For that, you could consider a few different storage methods:

  • Storage bag - Felt, velvet, or cotton cloth bags are an amazing vessel for your deck while not in use. Using a storage bag keeps your cards safe, together, accessible, and easy to grab-and-go! There's also the potential benefit of added discretion. Below are a few examples and designs of tarot card storage bags!

  • Storage box - Strong, durable, protective, a storage box is another great storage method for your tarot deck. Works well for fragile decks, or ones you'd like to keep a little more protected! Easy to organize on shelves, fits in a purse or large pocket, stash-able in center console of vehicle, there are many benefits to using a storage box. Below are a few examples and designs of tarot card storage boxes!

  • Original Packaging- It's always OK to store your tarot deck in the original box it came in, if nothing else is available to store it in. The original box will help keep the deck easily identifiable, organized, protected, and ready for your next use! Boxes are usually easy to store in drawers or on shelves, too!

Q: Types of readings and layouts are confusing, where do I start?

A: There are so many different types of readings and more layouts than stars, seemingly, let's start simple! Here is an example of a simple 3 card draw (also be called 'pull' or 'reading')

This 3 card layout describes the specific meaning for each of the 3 cards. It's easiest to stick with layouts that include descriptions until you can memorize a few of your own! This layout tells us the Past/Present/Future OR Problem/Solution/Outcome depending on the reading you need and how you'd like to read the cards! You can also create your own spread using a blank template or simply by determining what each card represents for you at the time of the reading!

Q: You keep mentioning a Tarot Journal, why is that important?

A: Tarot journals aren't a requirement by any means, but you may find they come in handy in many ways! Journaling your readings gives you the opportunity to look back at a later time and recall key details about that reading and any emotions, thoughts, or keywords that may have popped into your mind at the time. Since readings are open to the interpretation of the reader, it helps decipher a clearer message when you can look back and view all the details again with fresh eyes! A tarot journal is also a great tool to have on hand when assessing personal growth in your craft. You can look back and se how far you've come, and how your readings have evolved! You can keep track of your readings by date and time in a blank notebook, or order a Tarot Journal like the ones shown as an example below.

Q: There are a lot of cards, how can I keep track of them all?

A: Yes, there are a lot of tarot cards, but learning to understand them and their meanings will help you keep track of them! A standard tarot deck is 78 cards, let's break them into two groups, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana! The Major arcana is a group of 22 cards, and the Minor arcana is a group of 56 cards. The Major arcana is numbered 0-21 and shown numbered in our graphic below! The Minor Arcana consists of 4 suits of cards, Pentacles, Swords, Cups, and Wands. Each suit has numbered cards1-10 as well as a King, Queen, Knight, and Page. All cards have a different meaning.

Q: Spreads and Layouts: How do I even?!

A: We know, we know, but TRUST US, you can and you will! Start simple and small, work your way up, add cards as you grow. Feel free to utilize our free printables, journal your progress, don't be afraid or intimidated! Just be open and ready to listen! Let the cards speak to you, learn their language. Start with 3, move to 5, try different layouts, create your own spreads. Here are a few below!

Q: Do you have any deck suggestions for beginners?

A: There are SO MANY amazing tarot decks out there, you can buy them based on theme, season, deity, zodiac, animal, and more! We can suggest a few great tarot decks for beginners and beyond!

Q: What are the best books to start with when learning tarot?

A: Reading just about any book on tarot is a great place to start, but we do have some 'recommended reads' to add to your list! Make sure you're paying close attention in your reading, notes, and in the purchasing of decks. Make sure you're working with Tarot cards, not Oracle or other cards used for divination! Those are great tools to use as well, but you don't want to confuse your notes, meanings, or decks! Pay attention to detail! Here are a few great books to start with:

Q:How do I find my Tarot Birth Card?

A: Start by breaking your birthdate into groups of 2 numbers, totaling 4 groups, so you can add the numbers together like this:


MM - DD - YY- YY

02 - 22 - 20 - 02

If the sum is a 2-digit number, add them together. This is your first birth card.


02 + 22 + 20 + 02 = 46

Since 46 isn't a card, add 4+6= 10

10 is your card. 10 is Wheel of Fortune

Reduce to single-digit number for second card


02 + 22 + 20 + 02 = 46

Since 46 isn't a card, add 4+6= 10

10 is your first card - The Wheel of Fortune

1 + 0 = 1 Second card - The Magician

If the sum is a 3-digit number, add the first two digits with the third digit.

Example 1:

09 + 23 + 19+ 99 = 150

15 + 0 =15

Card 15 is The Devil

Example 2:

10 + 17 + 19 + 85 = 131

13 + 1 = 14

Card 14 is Temperance

Reduce to a single-digit number for second card

Example 1:

09 + 23 + 19+ 99 = 150

15 + 0 =15

1st Card - 15 The Devil

1 + 5 = 6

2nd Card - 6 The Lovers

Example 2:

10 + 17 + 19 + 85 = 131

13 + 1 = 14

1st Card - 14 Temperance

1 + 4 = 5

2nd Card - 5 The Hierophant

The exception to the rule: The number 19. Most people will have two cards but those with a sum of 19 will have 3. The reason for that being 1 + 9 = 10, and 1 + 0 = 1, effectively dealing it's holder 3 cards, The Sun, The Wheel, and The Magician. If you're a 19, feel a little extra magical, now is your moment!

Q: Did you say specialty decks? What is that?

A: Specialty tarot decks are themed decks, usually after a holiday, season, popular show, character, belief, etc.! Once you get a handle on the basics of tarot, branching out to specialty decks can be very fun! Here are a few of our favorite specialty decks:

Q: Can I make my own deck? I want to, but how?

A: YES!!!!! There are actually several ways you can make your own tarot cards! For practice, you can use regular paper or poster-board. For a more permanent, long-lasting deck, you can use card-stock paper or even order a set of blank tarot cards, create the images and labels on each card exactly how you'd like, and laminate them! Here are a few ideas of the supplies you could use to create your own tarot deck:

Q: Well, I'm feeling a little more confident in my ability after this article, where do I go from here?

A: Try incorporating a daily self-reading into your routine. If that feels overwhelming just yet, just sit down with your cards and give yourself endless one-card draws until you feel better about it! You don't have to establish a routine for tarot to work, you can pull it out at random, read until you're content, and put it away until next time! Journaling helps, yes, but don't let it overwhelm you! Simple notes in your phone will do! Join a tarot group for beginners, a tarot support group for troubleshooting, or just a Mystics' Corner like the one we have in our app, for daily tarot info, tips, & tricks! You can go all-in, or take small bites, as long as you're willing to learn, the tree of knowledge will continue to offer her fruit! Go at your own pace and if you ever need help, we are here for you along the way!

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