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Trick-or-Treat yourself with a Hallo-Gram, Occult surprises for any occasion!

Send a Hallo-Gram to yourself, friends, family, or a random person! You pick the recipient, we will select, package, and ship them (or you) an amazing witchy surprise! Great for holidays, special occasions, or little spooky pick-me-ups! We bring the Halloween all year!

Hallo-Grams are sold based on the amount you'd like to spend and come in $15, $20, $30, and $50 packages, so select and purchase the package that best fits your budget!


What is a Hallo-Gram? 

A Hallo-Gram is an occult/halloween/witchy themed greeting and gift we send on your behalf with an accompanying message for any occasion. 

Who can I send a Hallo-Gram to? 

 You can send a Hallo-Gram to just about anyone! They're a perfect way to treat yourself (since we do the shopping, the gift included will be a complete surprise, but you give hints in the form) You can also send them to friends, family, co-workers, enemies, adversaries, and random people! 

What occasion is appropriate for a Hallo-Gram?

Any! Hallo-Grams are a great way to celebrate Samhain or spread Halloween cheer but they're also great for any occasion! We even offer celebration boxes for Samhain, Yule, and other Sabbats, birthdays, graduations, a 'beginner box' for witches just starting out (or building their collection) a 'date with a book box' for when you want a hand-selected surprise witchy read, a 'spell box' comes with ingredients and instructions to preform a spell or ritual, and many other packages to fit any occasion!

How do I send a Hallo-Gram? 

  1. Select and purchase the Hallo-Gram package you'd like to send (options below)

  2. Fill out the form below with details on your Hallo-Gram, include as much info as possible 

  3. Watch a true-crime doc while waiting for tracking info

  4. Track your package and get excited for the delivery!


Send a 
Gifting ideas (recipient's interests) or select for special occasions:

Thank you! Our team will get right to work selecting a preparing your Hallo-Gram! We will update you with tracking info once your Hallo-Gram is on the way to it's destination!

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