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A Coffee or Tea Spell for Abundance & Prosperity

This is a simple Coffee or Tea Spell for abundance & prosperity!

Ingredients needed for this spell:

  • coffee or tea in a glass, mug or cup

  • a spoon

  • Optional: extra magical ingredients such as lemon, ginger or mint for tea


- Lemon for clarity, protection and healing!

- Ginger for passion, balance and love!

- Mint for money, energy cleansing, uplifting, moving ahead in life/with goals!


- Milk or Cream for rejuvenation, renewal and revival on inner spirit.

- Cinnamon for success, power and luck.

- Vanilla for love, lust and the power of attraction.

Spell instructions:

  1. Brew a cup of warm coffee or tea.

  2. Once ready, stir clockwise while focusing your intention on your desired outcome, envision a white light cleansing you and uplifting your vibration! While focused on your desired outcome, stir clockwise and hold that thought for a few moments.

  3. Slowly stir in any additional ingredients while remaining focused on your desired outcome.

  4. Sip Slowly on your drink while repeating the process until your drink is finished!

  5. This spell is done, so mote it be!

Repeat as often as desired!

1 Comment

Does it only have to be Coffee or Tea?

Can it be hot chocolate??

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