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Crystals & Stones: Magical Amplifiers With An Out Of This World Aesthetic!

Crystals & Stones: Magical Amplifiers with an out of this world aesthetic!

Keep these Crystals & Stones near for a magical boost! Place them in your car or workspace, around your home, in a pocket (or bra, just saying, it works) in jewelry, hair accessories or fashioned onto clothes and shoes. They can go almost anywhere!

Below is an A-Z List of Crystals & Stones and their magical properties. This list will continue to grow. If you don't see your fav stone or crystal here please let us know and we will get it listed! Please check back frequently for updates!


  • Agate: Lucid dreams, positive dreaming, nourishment, growth, prosperity

  • Alexandrite: Empowerment, Captivation, Advancement

  • Amazonite: Inspiration, Will, Desire, Muse, Communication

  • Amber:  Peace and Harmony, Love, Meditation, Purification, Air Magic

  • Amethyst: Sharpens Mental Focus, Physic intuition, clears sacred space, wards away nightmares

  • Ametrine: Survival, Clarity and Strength of Will, Protection of Business

  • Angelite/Anhydrite: Compassion, emotional stability, empathy, courage to face tomorrow

  • Apache Tears: Grounding, Healing, Meditation, Inner Peace, Reflection

  • Apatite: Great remover of what is unwanted and unnecessary (especially guilt)

  • Apopholyte: Travel, Motion, Movement, Moving, New Places, New Path

  • Aquamarine: Hope, Psychic Abilities, Prevent from Seduction, Water Magic

  • Aventurine:  Earth Magic, Stability, Money and Financial Magic

  • Anandalite: Cosmic Knowledge, Akashic Records, Connection of all Things

  • Azurite: Intuition, Psychic ability, Learning, Retaining Information, Open Mindedness, Third Eye


  • Brazilianite: Self assurance, trust, confidence, past life memories, cleanse chakras 

  • Beryl: The Seer Stone, Stimulates Crown & Solar Plexus Chakra, Scrying Enhancement

  • Bloodstone Perseverance, Vitality, Fire Magic, fertility, physical healing

  • Boilstone: High energy, joy, excitement, happiness, uplifting

  • Bustamite: Stimulates awareness, remembering dream work, astral travel


  • Calcite:  Opens Spiritual Doors, clears and activates all chakras, higher consciousness, memory 

  • Carnelian: Courage, bravery, wards off negative energy, Magical and Psychic power Booster, social anxiety

  • Cat’s Eye: Clairvoyance, Confidence, Familiars (especially cats)

  • Celestite:  Clears Speech, Healing Magic, Relaxation, Sleep, Dream Magic, Dispel Depression

  • Chalcedony: communication, honesty, transparency, openness 

  • Charoite: Perspective, Wisdom, Reflection, Revealing Truths

  • Chrysocolla: Self-Love Magic, Expression, Magic for Serenity and Peace

  • Chrysolite:  Magic for Wealth especially associated with Fame

  • Chrysoprase: Friendship Magic, Connection with Guides and Nature Spirits/Elementals

  • Citrine: Self Confidence, Money, Abundance, rejuvenation, Air Symbol 

  • Copper: stimulates initiative, attracts optimism, wards away negativity

  • Cordierite: Feminine Energy, Healing, Comfort, Removing negativity, cleansing

  • Coral: (not a crystal) Love Magic, Emotional Healing Magic, Reveal Secrets, Friendship, Sea  and Water Magic


  • Diamond: Prophecy, Channeling, Healing Magic, Money Magic, Magical Catalyst

  • Danburite: Stimulates intellect, enhances psychic ability and promotes self-confidence 


  • Ebony: Defense, Protection, Purification, Warding away bad energy

  • Emerald:  Wish fulfillment, Joy and Love Spells, Wealth,  Good Luck Spells, Akashic Records and Past Lives


  • Fluorite: Creativity and mental focus, healing, reverse bad Luck, prophetic dreams, sign

  • Fossils: Aids in past life exploration, helps retain memories of dreams and past lives, protection.

  • Fuchsite: Reflection, Flexibility, adaptability, Open-mindedness


  • Garnet:  Sex Magic, Lust, Magical Regeneration, Fertility and Vigor, Fire Magic

  • Gold: purifying, healing, balancing, positive outlook

  • Goldstone: Ambition, Progress, Abundance, Prosperity, Drive, Focus

  • Galena: Harmony, healthy hair/ hair growth, holistic wellbeing

  • Gypsum: (Alabaster: Forgiveness) (Desert Rose: security, fertility) (Satin Spar: femininity) (Selenite:see Selenite)


  • Hematite: Strengthens willpower, Problem solving, Purification, Fertility for Women, Manifestation, Protection, Fire Magic

  • Howlite: Releasing, renewal, letting go of attachments.


  • Jade:   Immortality and Vitality, Divine blessings, Money Magic, Success Spells

  • Jasper:  Weather Magic, Wish Spells- more depends on the color

  • Jet: Grounds, centering, supports transitions, protection from negativity 


  • Kyanite: Water sign, emotional healing, freedom, creativity, lucid dreaming


  • Labradorite: Psychic Powers, Transformation, Endure Change, Wisdom

  • Lapis Lazuli: Beauty Spells, Love Spells, Psychic Protection, Clarity and Peace

  • Larimar: Peace, relaxation, tranquility, communication.

  • Lava Stone: Rebirth, strength, creation, passion, healing 

  • Lolite: Intuition, vision, integration. 


  • Malachite: Intuition & Wisdom, Natural Magic, Protects against the Evil Eye, Attract Lover Spells, Communication with Magical/Spiritual Entities

  • Moldavite: Spiritual awakening, enlightenment, visioning

  • Moonstone: Love, divination, intuition, wisdom, creativity, psychic receptivity 

  • Morganite: Emotional healing, divine love, spiritual connectivity

  • Muscovite or Mica: Aligns energy, removes blockages, cleansing, renewing


  • Obsidian: stone of truth, truth inspiring, protection from negativity, block psychic attack, stress reducer

  • Onyx:  evoking Spirits, Protection, Absorbing Negativity, Grounding, Earth Magic, Astral Projection, Spells for Karma and Spiritual traveling.

  • Opal:  Reveal the Truth, Clairvoyance, Success


  • Pearl: Self-care, nurturing, emotional stability and healing

  • Peridot: Jealousy removal, banishing negativity, banishing competition

  • Petrified Wood: Starting new, Grounding, motivation, launch new goals, path opening, stability

  • Prehnite: Unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Acceptance

  • Pyrite: Shielding, success, money attracting, abundance, job/ career success


  • Quartz: Manifestation, Magic amplifier, beacon, cleansing, magical storage


  • Rhodochrosite: Nurturing, Love Issues, Self Love, Compassion, Identify Problems, joy inspiring 

  • Rhodonite: Purpose, inspiration, love spells, Confidence, Self-Worth

  • Rose Quartz: Friendship and Love Spells, Beauty Spells, Peace and Tranquility

  • Ruby: Life force, passion, love, attracting your soul mate.


  • Sapphire: Creation, Focus, Fertility, Love and Beauty Spells, Protection from all Harm

  • Selenite: Connection with Positive Magical/Spiritual Entities, Wisdom, Peace, Spiritual Guidance, Radiance

  • Silver: Truth, emotional stability, wealth, courage

  • Snowflake Obsidian: Acceptance, spiritual protection, hex-reflection

  • Sodalite: Water Magic, Fairy Magic, Courage, Protection, Dream Magic

  • Staurolite: Protection, Fairy Magic, Good Luck, Optimism

  • Stilbite: Love, Tranquility, Inner Peace, Calming, Meditation

  • Sugilite: Clarivoyance, Visions, Hidden Knowledge, Connection with Spirits


  • Tanzanite: self wholeness, integrating your heart and mind, self completion and acceptance 

  • Tiger’s Eye: Personal power, integrity, self confidence and preservation, balance, grounding

  • Titanium: Energy, Manifestation, Spirituality

  • Topaz: Manifestation, Power, wealth, radiance, clarity

  • Tourmaline: Attraction, Wealth and Power, Spirit Magic, Occult Wisdom

  • Turquoise: Communication, wholeness, truth, protection from the evil eye


  • Unakite: Releasing toxicity, finding balance, creativity, love and sex, passion, perseverance 


  • Variscite: Mental clarity, banishing depression, tough love, acceptance


  • Zircon: Grounding, making dreams reality, manifestation of dreams, business success

  • Zoisite: Abundance, Growth, Healing, Uplifting, Protection


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