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Full Moon Self Love and Healing Bath


From time to time we all need a little self love and healing in our lives! We need to relax, unwind, turn our shining light inwards and love ourselves, forgive ourselves, heal past traumas and let go of negative coping mechanisms! We are here to help! First of all, always remember your worth! You are magical, you are loved, you are just as unique and special as each star in the sky! You are not your circumstance, you are not your situation, you are not your flaws or insecurities. Even the smallest moving parts can generate the greatest movements. The hinge of a gate is a very small part of the gate, it's not even usually the first thing you see when you look at a gate, but without it the gate is completely motionless, it can not move. When the hinge makes the smallest movement the entire gate swings in response! You are a hinge and this world the gate! Take some time for your self, grab some candles and incense, and prepare to relax under the Full Moon in an amazing self love and healing bath!

Set up your space

I like to prepare my space with a nice smoke cleanse ahead of my bath! For this I like to use Cedar but you can use any incense you have on hand! I like to get my candles ready, set a few crystals around and grab a good book!

Prepare your potion

For our Self Love and Healing Bath we will be using a blend of things! You can create your magical mixture as listed below or substitute any ingredients you have on hand or feel drawn to use instead! Intent is everything and YOU ARE THE MAGIC!


  • 1 cup epsom salt

  • 10 drops lavender essential oil

  • 5 drops balsam fir essential oil

  • 5 drops lemon essential oil

  • pinch of dried lavender leaves

  • hand full of dried (or fresh) rose petals

Add each ingredient one at a time, to warm bath water, while stirring clockwise with your hand after each ingredient. While stirring, repeat positive affirmations to yourself about yourself, be proud of yourself, revisit something you've done or accomplished lately (or are going to do or accomplish soon) that you're proud of!

*You can premix ingredients in a bowl and slowly sprinkle into bath for a quick set up.

Get in and Soak

Once your Self Love and Healing Bath is prepared, its time to get in and soak away your worries! Hop in and relax, close your eyes and meditate a bit. Imagine somewhere tranquil with your mind's eye. Take deep breaths and let the aroma of your spell lift you up, let the salt cleanse, let the oils heal and let the flowers fill you with their beauty!

*Soak up the love!* We love you, you're the greatest, we are here for you and are excited that you're here with us hmmmm selfffloveeeee you are aweesssommmeeeee soak it upppp!

When you're finished, its always a good idea to remove any flower bits you've used before draining! Since they've been used in spellwork, i always bury mine or leave them in the grass vs trash, but the spell is done either way so discard however you need to!

At the time of this blogpost this SpellBath is being written for the upcoming Full Sturgeon Moon on August 3, 2020, but you can use or repeat this Self Love and Healing Spell Bath anytime you need a little self love and healing!



Aug 24, 2020

Hello! I would do all of that! I've made it ahead of time and kept it in a jar with a tightly sealing lid! I have made general use ones and also make them specific to my intention, one time spell baths! I always like to stir mine into the water with my right hand, clockwise, while I envision a white cleansing light, but that's just what I feel drawn to do, you can do whatever works for you! I would totally make one for couples, that sounds amazing, like a binding spell bath or a flame rekindling bath, I'd use lots of vanilla, lavender and rose for that, but anything you feel drawn to will be perfect! I have…


Aug 12, 2020

I did something similar after just seeing pix of post... self love rose petal and epsom salt bath. It was relaxing and luxurious! I loved it.

I am firm believer in u do u, I do me, but I love to hear others points if view! I tend to learn a lot of new knowledge I never even imagined existed!

I would appreciate opinions of others on some things.... would u make this ahead of time and store ( I think I will) - make a bigger batch or just single each time? What else would u specifically add to urs? Any extra special mantra/prayer/spell/rituals u recite? Certain stuff to prepare? Certain timing of moon or day? Only for …

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