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The Art of Smoke Cleansing

Smoke Cleansing seems to be a popular trend today but the roots date way back to ancient times. Smoke Cleansing is the ancient practice of cleansing a space with herbal smoke. Not to be confused with the very similar practice preformed by Indigenous people of North America, Smudging. Smoke Cleansing has been practiced by people around the world for thousands of years. You can burn many herbs for Smoke Cleansing, Sage, Cedar, Lavender, Chamomile, Mugwort, Juniper, Palo Santo, Yerba Santo, Sweetgrass, Rose and Bayberry, just to name a few.

To Smoke Cleanse:

Open a window. Light your incense, wood stick or herb bundle and let the flame catch, extinguish the fire and let the smoke flow from the stick. Walk around your space letting the smoke flow freely in all areas. Its best to hold a bowl or plate under your stick to catch any falling ashes. (You can keep the ashes to make your own Black Salt! Post coming soon) When you're finished make sure your stick is fully extinguished.


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